Christmas Lights

We are happy to announce that Christmas Lights is coming back to MOTAT this December.

Date & Time

7-10, 14-17 and 21-24 December 2022 | 8pm to 11pm



$2 - $5

Christmas Lights is coming back for 2022!

This hugely popular event is back and brighter than ever this December from Wednesday through Saturday, 7 to 24 December.

For twelve nights, MOTAT will be transformed into a festive wonderland with stunning light displays, live music and entertainment and much much more.

Enjoy tram rides and carol singers, visit Santa’s Grotto and leave a wish on the Wishing Tree, and enjoy some delicious treats while taking in the lights.

We will also have a low sensory cottage to provide a comfortable environment for individuals who need a safe and quieter space during this event.

Tickets are only available online (no door sales will be available) so make sure you get in quickly to secure your preferred date.

Our MOTAT Mates receive free entry to Christmas Lights. If you are a MOTAT Mate, make sure you have your membership number as you will need this to secure your tickets free of charge. You will need to have a ticket to enter so if you have misplaced your membership cards, pop into MOTAT any day of the week between 10am and 4pm to get replacement cards so you can order your ticket online.

Proudly sponsored by La Lumiere.

Keep coming back for more details.

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Delightful tram rides!

Christmas Lights General FAQs
What is Christmas Lights?

Christmas Lights is designed for the entire hapori whānui (community); from young to old, TikTokers to grinches, there truly is something magical for everyone to take in.

How much does Christmas Lights cost?

Tickets are $5 for adults and seniors, $2 for children (aged 5-15), and under 5’s are free.

Where is Christmas Lights?

Christmas Lights will take place at MOTAT Great North Road. The entry gate is on Stadium Road.

What time does Christmas Lights open/close?

Christmas Lights opens at 8pm and runs until 11pm.

Can I bring food?

Yes, you are welcome to bring along kai to eat at Christmas Lights. There will be local food vendors on site to purchase throughout the evening too.

Will food be available?

Yes, there will be a range of food available from vendors that cover a range of dietary requirements. If you have specific food requirements, you are more than welcome to bring your own kai along too.

Will alcohol be available/allowed?

No, there will be no alcohol for sale or allowed through the gates at Christmas Lights to foster a safe community atmosphere.

Can I bring my dog?

No, assistance dogs are the only pups that are welcome at MOTAT

Should I dress up for Christmas Lights?

Yes of course! We welcome any level of Christmas attire. Feel free to come dressed however you will be most comfortable; a lot of our Team will be in costumes. Please note, that the ground at MOTAT can be uneven and the weather at this time of year can be unpredictable, so please keep this in mind.

What dates is Christmas Lights?

Christmas Lights will run Wednesday through to Saturday, from 7 – 24 December. Christmas Lights will not be running Sunday through Tuesday at any point throughout the month.

Will there be movies playing like last time?

Yes, movies will be playing in the Lower Innovation Hall. Movies will not be announced in advance, they will be decided on the day.

How accessible-friendly is the event?

Many of MOTAT’s public spaces are accessible, but as we are an operational museum spread over a large area with varying terrain, unfortunately not all areas are suitable for wheelchair access. The outdoor areas to get around at Christmas Lights and the movie screening location is wheelchair accessible with the help of another person due to small sections of tram lines.

Accessible toilet facilities and locations are shown on the map.

Visitors who are sensitive to lights and sound may wish to wear tinted glasses or headphones. We 100% support the use of earmuffs too for visitors that need to reduce sound overall.

Immunocompromised people can be assured that the MOTAT Team support the use of face masks and our cleaning team will be ensuring in-depth cleaning takes place.

Is there accessibility parking?

Yes, there is, but it will need to be booked ahead of time and is subject to availability. Please call 09 815 5800 or email book.

How do I get there?

MOTAT understands parking in the Te Wai Ōrea Western Springs area is a challenge when attending events and encourages those who can use public transport, bicycles, or their feet, to leave their cars at home. A new 155-space car park is located at MOTAT Aviation Hall on Motions Road and visitors can take a scenic walk through the Western Springs Lakeside Te Wai Ōrea Park. Due to Central Interceptor works on the Western Springs Outer Fields this year, the field will not be used for car parking.

All public transport is currently half price making it the best option to get to Christmas Lights along with walking. Auckland Transport buses run regularly past MOTAT and require an AT HOP Card to tag on, no cash fares are accepted on AT services. The AT Journey Planner is the best way to map your trip to MOTAT Great North Road.

Buses that run past MOTAT are 18, 195, 110, 650, 132, 133, and 134.

The closest train station is Morningside which is on the Western Line Service. Morningside station is a 25-minute walk to MOTAT Great North Road. Please make sure to check the rail line closures page from Auckland Transport before you plan your trip.

There are also 10 Locky Docks available on Stadium Road, but please note that the entry line will be stretched along this footpath.

Is there parking at MOTAT?

There is parking at MOTAT Aviation Hall, however, this is limited to 155 spaces. Please see the above question for transport and parking recommendations.

Where else can I park?

There is limited parking along Great North Road and next to the Caltex Service Station. Please bear in mind, there are certain nights that will be particularly busy due to other events in the area. Make sure to plan your trip in advance as there will be increased traffic which may delay your journey.

Are buses free to Christmas Lights?

Buses are not free to Christmas Lights but fares are currently subsidised to 50% by the Government.

Can I catch an uber to the event?

You can catch any rideshare service including Uber to Christmas Lights however the drop-off location may need to be changed depending on traffic in the area. We recommend putting ‘MOTAT, Great North Road’ as the drop-off address and notifying your driver that there is a large event so as to drop you off in a safe spot.

Will the trams be running from the MOTAT Aviation Hall car park?

Trams will not be running as transport from MOTAT Aviation Hall to MOTAT Great North Road. MOTAT trams will be used as an interactive experience only during Christmas Lights. If you park at MOTAT Aviation Hall, you will need to walk to the Christmas Lights entry line at MOTAT Great North Road.

Can I walk, scoot, or cycle to Christmas Lights?

You can cycle or scoot to Christmas Lights but you will need to lock up your transport. We have 10 Locky Docks located on Stadium Road. You will not be allowed to take your transport inside the event.

Why do MOTAT Mates need tickets this year?

We are working in a new way that will reduce wait times and guarantee entry on your chosen night. The best way to make this happen is to ticket the event. Mates will receive an email in early November with a unique code to make their tickets free, in line with the membership benefits.

I’m a MOTAT Mate, how do I get the free ticket that’s included in my membership?

Mates will receive an email in early November with a unique code and instructions on how to redeem their free ticket.

I didn’t get an email with my unique Mates promo code, what do I do?

Please email our Mates Team at and will get back to you within 48 hours.

Can I come for multiple nights for free?

Mates will only have one free ticket allocated to them. If you wish to come for multiple nights, you will need to pay for your second ticket onwards.

Tickets and Refunds
I can’t come anymore, how do I get a refund?

You will need to request a refund directly through Eventbrite. The MOTAT Team cannot do this, it must be done through the Eventbrite website or email with your ticket confirmation.

I’ve booked tickets but want to change to a different night.

Once you have requested your refund, you need to re-book for the new night.

It says sold out online, are there door sales?

There will be no door sales at Christmas Lights this year. Please do not turn up without a ticket, you will not be allowed to enter the event unless you have a valid ticket for that date.

I want to give my tickets to someone else; how do I do that?

We will not be checking names on tickets at the gate. The best way to give your tickets to someone else is to forward your ticket confirmation email with the tickets attached to their email address. Alternatively, you can also print the tickets and physically give them to the person you are wanting to pass them on to.

Wellbeing, First Aid, and Lost Children at Christmas Lights
What do I do if I hurt myself?

If you or some else is injured, please alert an MOTAT Team Member or head to the First Aid Zone.

Where can I find my child?

If your lost child has been found or is being assisted by a MOTAT Team Member, the best and first place to check is the Lost Children Zone.

How can my child ask for help if they get lost?

Your child can approach any MOTAT Team Member to ask for help. They are all trained to know who to contact and how to take a child to the Lost Children Zone.

How does MOTAT handle antisocial behaviour?

MOTAT does its best to reduce the chances of antisocial behaviour by creating a calm and happy environment. On the off-chance this does happen, we will have mental health first-aiders and security on-site to de-escalate and keep the persons involved and the rest of the visitors safe.

How does MOTAT manage queues on the night?

We will have several scanners and check-in desks on the night. As it is our first year with only tickets and no door sales, we are predicting this will reduce wait times significantly for our visitors. We do ask our visitors to watch their tamariki and exercise a safety-first mindset as the queue will be parallel to the Western Springs Tramway and a busy main road (Great North Road).

Please note: Our event schedule is different to previous years.

*Christmas Lights is a busy event and we are unable to look up MOTAT Mates memberships online to award free entry to this event. This is why we are only accepting MOTAT Mates membership cards as proof of membership. If you have misplaced your membership cards, pop into MOTAT any day of the week between 10am and 4pm to get replacement cards. The MOTAT Aviation Hall has carparking right outside the entrance.


Some areas are not wheelchair accessible due to stairs, confined spaces, and uneven surfaces. Noise: Display and activity areas can be noisy.