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Treasure Hunt: Hidden in Plain Sight

The MOTAT Adventurers’ Society is at it again these school holidays! Join us for 'Treasure Hunt: Hidden in Plain Sight' for a brand new set of adventures.

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4 Jul - 19 Jul 2020 | 10am - 4pm


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The MOTAT Adventurers’ Society is once again on the look-out for new members! 

This July school holidays, The MOTAT Adventurers Society is back with new treasure hunts to complete!

Treasure Hunt: Hidden in Plain Sight features seven trails for kids to complete to earn a spot in the official MOTAT Adventurers’ Society. Full of exciting challenges, every trail completed earns them a different badge.

Each trail has a map to help in the search for the hidden items and ultimately solve the mystery.

Each of the five trails at M1 has a theme and is a little tougher than the last, but perfect for primary to intermediate-aged children (especially if there’s a little help on hand for the youngsters).

Plus, head over to M2 for two more trails! There's an aviation-themed trail and a bonus round featuring the newest character, The Cartographer.

This treasure hunt activity will encourage kids to develop their problem-solving skills, attention to detail and more, while having fun and exploring the MOTAT Collection. A perfect way to spend time these school holidays.



The Pirate
All hands on deck! Spy the MOTAT treasures using our trusty map as a

The Mechanic
Find the missing letters to reveal the MOTAT transport treasures!

The Adventuress
It's all in the details! Use a sharp eye and keen sense of adventure to seek out the hidden answers.

The Researcher 
Riddle me this... crack these five curly brain teasers with expert
researcher skills! 

The Cartographer
Armed with the coordinates, use amazing map reading skills to find the
objects we're hunting for.


The Aviator
Combining all the best bits of the other trails, let this treasure map to
go on an aeronautical adventure through the collection.

The Cartographer
With a whole new set of coordinates, crack the grid and find the
aviation treasures needed to solve the riddle.

With 5 trails at M1 and two at M2, choose to do them all or choose which site you wish to explore.

Treasure Hunt: Hidden in Plain Sight is MOTAT’s latest School Holiday Experience running from Saturday 4 to Sunday 19 July | 10am - 4pm.

Please note:
Normal MOTAT admission fees apply.


We recommend parking in our large car park at M2 and enjoying the free vintage tram ride between sites.