Dare to indulge your curiosity, test your squeamish limits, and open your mind at this provocative event featuring performances and interactive entertainment designed to challenge and provoke. 

Date & Time

19 Sep 2020 | 7pm - 10pm



$15 - $20

If you thought last year was weird, brace yourself for 2020, because it's only going to get weirder and darker from here on in!  

This event is sure to keep you on your toes with plenty of OMG! and WTF?! moments throughout the evening. 

There will be two bars offering themed cocktails and unusual appetizers, and food vendors on site.

Keep an eye out for hints about what entertainment you can expect on the night as we get closer to the night.

It's definitely not your average night at the Museum, and some content may offend. 

Ticket sales coming soon.


  • $20 per adult

  • $15 concessions for students or Gold Card Holders

Mesmerising fire act at WTF?! 2019.

Content Warning: This event contains activations that involve nudity and disturbing content. All artists and collaborators involved in this event must be respected at all times. People who are seen to be harassing artists, staff or collaborators will be removed from the event.

Please note:
There may be photography and filming carried out during this event for marketing purposes.



Food and alcohol available on site

Entry through gate A on Stadium Road