Love / Science

Coming soon... Experience the stories behind the technology.

Date & Time

Opens Friday 9 July 2021


Love / Science explores innovation in Aotearoa, highlighting the human stories that inspired it and the science that made it possible.

Come and immerse yourselves in digital and hands-on activities, film and other elements that bring MOTAT’s collection to life.

From Antarctic adventures to harakeke surfboards, the humble cup of tea to medical milestones, Love / Science showcases technology that has saved, changed, and influenced our lives for the better.

This fascinating exhibition gets to the heart of the story and takes you on a journey through New Zealand’s rich history of innovation and ingenuity.

Join us in celebrating these important pieces of technology and how they have changed history in Aotearoa.

Opening 9 July.


Wheelchair accessible

Location: Building 5 at M1, Great North Road.

Entrance: Motion sensor automatic doors and a wide entrance.

Noise: Videos and interactives throughout the exhibition.

Mobility parking is available on site at M1. Please arrange in advance, see our Accessibility information.


We recommend parking in our large car park at M2 and enjoying the free tram ride between sites.