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Mighty Small Mighty Bright

Lasers, rainbows, and magnetic nanoparticles! It’s just some of the extraordinary science that is at your fingertips in MOTAT's Mighty Small Mighty Bright exhibition, now on show at Papakura Museum.

Date & Time

Monday to Friday 10am-4:30pm, Saturday 10am-3pm


MOTAT partnered with New Zealand’s leading scientific research institutes: the MacDiarmid Institute and the Dodd Walls Centre, as well as Otago Museum to develop a touring science exhibition that demystifies the fascinating world of photonics, advanced materials, and nanotechnology.

Mighty Small Might Bright reveals the basic science behind photonics and nanotechnology, with hands-on experiments that will encourage visitors of all ages to explore different scientific principles.

Play with prisms, lenses, mirrors, and filters to see how light can be bent and redirected. Step into a ‘room’ lit by a single wavelength of light, testing how our eyes interpret light and colour, and discover how, by firing a laser at apples, scientists create mini earthquakes on an apple’s surface that help farmers understand how ripe they are.

Mighty Small Mighty Bright offers a unique and fun learning experience for the whole family and is currently open at Papakura Museum until 4 June 2022, it will then move to Otago Museum at the start of July.

Science is for everyone, enjoy it!


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