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Snapped! Summer Holidays in Aotearoa

Long days at the beach, epic road trips, and endless sunshine - welcome to Snapped! Summer Holidays in Aotearoa.

Date & Time

5 Dec - 16 May 2021 | 10am - 4pm


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This exhibition is a photographic window into Kiwi summer
holidays of the past.

Fishing off the wharf, caravanning around the country, and grumpy teenagers all feature in Snapped! Summer Holidays in Aotearoa.  While the cars, boats, and planes are from a by-gone era, so much remains timeless.

The exhibition showcases 100 incredible photographs from MOTAT’s collection from 1920s - 50s, along with a superb summer soundtrack and digital interactive that puts you in the picture!

Visit Snapped! Summer Holidays in Aotearoa for a light-hearted look back on our holidaying history! If you are unable to make our exhibition, head over to our Snapped! Instagram page to scroll through all the exhibition images.

The origins of these photographs are unknown - we are hoping visitors will be able to put names to faces. If you spot anyone you may know the names of, please email us at exhibitions@motat.org.nz.

Beach bunnies


Wheelchair accessible

Location:  Building 5 Annex at M1, Great North Road.

Entrance: Motion sensor automatic doors and a wide entrance.

Noise: Sound and interactives throughout the exhibition.

Mobility parking is available on site at M1. Please arrange in advance, see our Accessibility information.


We recommend parking in our large car park at M2 and enjoying the free vintage tram ride between sites.