The Explodome is a new space for our youngest innovators to make, unmake, and get creative. Come and join the fun every Saturday and Sunday.

Date & Time

Weekends only


If you’ve got little people at home that love to get in to anything and everything, Explodome is the perfect place to visit!  

Kids can pull things apart and put them back together, they’ll see how lots of little bits can make one giant thing, or break a big thing down into all its pieces.  

This is a fun space where creativity and curiosity are encouraged, where play and learning are one in the same.  

Get deconstructing!  

Be sure to visit Tūhuratia Exploded to see how Richard Parry's images can inspire your Explodome experience. 

For school workshops in the Explodome click here


Wheelchair accessible

Location: Building 5 at MOTAT Great North Road.

Entrance: Motion sensor automatic doors and a wide entrance.

Noise: Videos and interactives throughout the exhibition.

Mobility parking is available on site at MOTAT Great North Road. Please arrange in advance, see our Accessibility information.


Please note our M2 car park is currently closed for maintenance. Find out more here.