Technology is helping us tackle enormous challenges in the conservation of our native ecosystems. Envico Technologies' innovative drone solutions are helping restore our forests at an incredible speed and scale.

hunua watercare trial - envicotech

"Every day we get up because we know that what we do, what we build, benefits the environment"

envicotech thermal imaging
Thermal Imaging AI

"Restoring nature so indigenous species can thrive requires new tools and technologies for predator control in a way that is humane, safe, effective, and affordable...Drones have the potential to be a game-changer."  Eugenie Sage - Minister for Conservation

Envico Technologies - unmanned helicopter
Envico technologies team

ACTIVITY: SEED BOMBING Collect some native seeds like Kowhai or Harekeke. Mix them up with wet clay and a little compost. Let the mixture dry until it's hard and you have a perfect little package that can be lobbed into empty lots and barren spaces, ready to rewild with the next rainstorm.


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