Halter is making waves in the dairy farming industry here in Aotearoa. The team of over 50 staff has created the current Halter collar. This clever collar produces sound waves that cows can respond to, and the innovative technology behind it is one of the first big leaps for dairy farming in many years.

Craig Piggott on Hilltop
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A Hit with Farmers

Farmers all across the Waikato have been testing the collars with great success. They have been reporting great herd management, reduced hours, and increased cow health. Halter is hoping to expand outside of the Waikato in 2021 and keep improving dairy farming in Aotearoa.


Story by Makayla Wallace-Tidd. Photography and videos courtesy of Halter.


Wallace-Tidd, Makayla. Halter: Bringing humans and cows closer through technology. MOTAT Museum of Transport and Technology. First published: 10 March 2021. URL www.motat.nz/interactive/halter-bringing-humans-and-cows-closer