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Our new science and technology centre has a name!

We are delighted and proud to announce the name chosen for the science and technology centre at MOTAT Great North Road, due to open in 2024.
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Our project team in front of the newly painted building where Te Puawānanga Science and Technology Centre is under development.

The science and technology centre project team worked with Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei to determine a name for the centre itself and the three key spaces within it. Naming wānanga (meetings and discussion) were held and Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei fully supports and endorses the chosen names:

Te Puawānanga Science and Technology Centre
This name speaks to the blossoming of knowledge. Pua, to blossom, and wānanga, to meet and discuss and learn. It is the name of the native climbing vine, also known as clematis, that grows high in the forest canopy and blooms abundantly in Spring. This "flower of learning" is said to be the child of two stars, Rehua (Antares) and Puanga (Rigel).

Te Tumu is the name of the Early Childhood Gallery and has been chosen because this space is the foundation and beginning of the learning journey. The environment is our teacher, and in this space we get a grounding connection to the world we live in and the science and technology that is all around us.

Te Puku is the name of the Main Gallery. Signifying the belly of the centre, we are taking in a whole range of learning and experiences, discovering and digesting knowledge and working out what it all means. It is a nourishing and stimulating space for growth.

Te Waha is the name of the Innovation Hall. It is the mouth and voice of the centre where we can come together, express ourselves, be creative, dream and imagine. We can also be inspired by stories of past and present innovation and technological development.

MOTAT thanks all involved in bringing forth these names and the positive and enriching way in which all have partnered in this process.

Development of the three galleries inside our main exhibition hall is well underway and we look forward to opening Te Puawānanga Science and Technology Centre in 2024.


For more information please contact:
Nicole Parish, MOTAT Communications Manager, +64 21 273 3563