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Booking Information

Everything you need to know about planning a learning experience with MOTAT, be it at our place or yours.




There is no minimum group size, however a minimum charge of $100 applies to all group bookings.


School group bookings require a minimum ratio of 1:6 (1 adult per 6 students).

Early Childhood Education group bookings require a minimum ratio of 1:3 (1 adult per 3 students)



GroupCost per ChildAdditional Adults
School Groups$5.00 per child, supervising adults are free of charge up to ratio boundaries (1 adult per 6 children)$10 per person
Early childhood groups$5.00 per child, supervising adults are free of charge up to ratio boundaries (1 adult per 3 children)$10 per person
Special needs groupsFreeCaregivers Free
Teacher TraineesFreeN/A
  • All prices are inc GST.

  • A minimum charge of $100 per booked programme for all LEOTC Educational experiences applies.

  • All bookings incur a cancellation fee of $75 if cancelled within 5 working days of booked visit.

  • If a booking is postponed for another date within the term the cancellation charge will not apply.


STEAM CellsFor a STEAM Cell visit within the greater Auckland area: $10.00 per child, teachers and teacher aides free of charge + $200 per return trip to the schoolFor a STEAM Cell visit throughout the North Island: $10.00 per child, teachers and teacher aides free of charge + $350 or $1 per km (whichever is highest) per return trip to the school + Educator cost – accommodation. Please contact bookings@motat.org.nz or call (09) 815 5808 for a quote
Online Workshops$100 per workshop, participant numbers uncappedIf an on-site visit is booked in conjunction with an online workshop, the workshop is free of charge
Learnables$100 - $200 per week or part thereof


We know that cost is a huge limiting factor in the decision to organise an LEOTC experience for your students, so we have created two special offers to help lower the cost for your school visit.

1) Free Entry for schools in the first and last week of term: To qualify for free entry you must bring a minimum of 100 children on a single trip, and schedule your visit to MOTAT for the first or last week of term.

2) $250 subsidy for bus travel: To qualify for subsidised bus travel you must bring a minimum of 100 children on a single trip. There are a limited number of subsidies available, schools are limited to one subsidy per school per year and this offer cannot be used in conjunction with free entry offer.

Contact bookings@motat.org.nz or call (09) 815 5808 to find out more.

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Please provide the name and email address of your account person to your educator. The invoice will be sent by our accounts team after the visit.

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Our terms and conditions for education groups visiting MOTAT can be found here.

Your MOTAT visit pack 2023


Where does the bus drop us off?

A MOTAT educator will meet your group upon arrival at 98 Motions Road, Western Springs or at Gate C Stadium Road, depending on your timetable. Please check your timetable and/or your confirmation email to see which site you should be dropped to.

What if we are coming in separate cars?

There is parking available at the MOTAT Aviation Hall site, and parking in the surrounding streets at MOTAT Great North Road. Please note, school groups catch a tram between the two MOTAT sites so you will need to make arrangements to either take your car with you, or return to your car at the end of your day.

What do I do if we are going to be late?

Please call your educator if you are going to be late. You will find their contact information in their email to you sent the week before your visit.

What time can I get in?

For health and safety reason visitors are only allowed onsite from 9.45am unless arranged prior.

What do I do with the numbers form that was emailed to me?

Please fill this out on the day and have it ready to give to your educator on arrival. It is very important this information is correct as we use it to invoice your school for the trip. If you have not filled out the form before you arrive, or have not got a form, please let your educator know and they can help you with this.

How do I pay for the visit?

An invoice is sent after the visit.

Where do we have lunch?

Each education group at MOTAT is allocated a covered lunch space. Your educator will take your group to your meeting space in the morning to begin your onsite induction. Your students will also leave their bags in this space while they have their educator session and explore MOTAT but will need to take their bags with them when they leave either site.

What does the onsite induction involve?

Your educator will explain the timetable, expectations of behaviour, toilets/drinking fountain locations, tram station location and any questions about your day.

What do I do if I don’t have a copy of the timetable?

First thing to do is check your email including your junk mail. Timetables are sent out the week before your visit. If you are not the person who organised the trip, this email will have gone to them. If you still do not have a copy of the timetable, inform your educator before you arrive and they can get one for you.

What do students do with their bags?

Your students will leave their bags in their meeting space while they have their educator session and explore MOTAT but will need to take their bags with them when they leave either site.

Where do I catch the tram?

Trams leave from the stops outside the MOTAT shops. Please be 5 minutes early to ensure you do not miss your tram.

Where are the toilets?

Toilets can be found at both ends of the Aviation Hall at MOTAT Motions Road. Toilets can be found in between Buildings 1 and 2, in Building 5 and in Building 6 at MOTAT Great North Road.

Is there a cafe at MOTAT?

There is a cafe at MOTAT at M1 (Great North Road site), as well as various vending machines. There is no cafe at M2 (Motions Road site).

Do you have wheelchairs for hire?

If you require a wheelchair for the day of your visit, please let your educator know. They can arrange to have one at the gate for when you arrive.

What do I do if there is a first aid incident?

The MOTAT shops at both sites have first aid kits and processes to inform the appropriate MOTAT team members to help. MOTAT has First aid rooms. All MOTAT classrooms have first aid kits.

What happens if a student requires more than first aid?

MOTAT’s emergency response team will provide the first level of care and escalate the response to specialist care if needed.

If an injury occurs that warrants an ambulance, one will be called. However, if an ambulance is refused, MOTAT team members are not responsible for transporting visitors to the hospital.

What do I do if a child gets lost?

Please contact the MOTAT shop on 09 815 5800, they will mobilise our emergency response team who will circulate a description and search for the child.

What do I do if the emergency siren goes?

MOTAT’s emergency response team will let you know what to do if an emergency siren goes off. Make your way to the location, and your educator will meet you there to give further instructions.

What do I do when it is time to leave?

Return to your meeting space 10 minutes before you are due to leave. Check you have all your students, and they have all their belongings.

Where do I get the MOTAT Scavenger Hunt from?

You can scan this QR code to access the Scavenger Hunt. There will also be a copy of this QR code in your lunch space. It would be helpful to send the QR code to your adult supervisors ahead of the trip.

What’s the earliest we can come onsite at MOTAT?

Visitors are welcomed onsite from 9.45am at the earliest, due to our health and safety procedures

How do I let MOTAT know how many students and adults I’ve got with me on the trip?

Give this information to your educator upon arrival – please ensure you know how many students you have per year level (eg: 24 Year 5’s and 39 Year 6’s) and include all adult helpers.

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