MOTAT's out-of-the-box learning kits offer schools around Aotearoa STEAM teaching resources for hire.
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Each STEAM kit from MOTAT contains a unique set of resources to enrich your curriculum and engage your class with science and technology, while supporting soft skills and competencies development.

With free delivery and return across the North Island, all you have to worry about is choosing which activities to do with your students!

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There are a range of kits available, each accompanied by learning resources and supporting information.


Dot and Dash Robotics

The Dot and Dash learnable kit helps students to learn the language of coding and how to use this knowledge to program the Dot and Dash robots to complete tasks.
The resources and activities in this learnable are designed to encourage students to work collaboratively, communicate effectively with each other, problem-solve, and self-manage their time.

Suitable for Years 3 - 8.


Using this resource kit, students will be introduced to the concepts of electricity, conductivity, static charges, and circuits.
The electricity learnable sparks curiosity in students by giving them a set of surprising experiments to complete. It then allows them to dive deeper into the subject through further study and exploration of the Brainbox circuitry equipment.

Suitable for Years 1 - 8.

Turing Tumble

The Turing Tumble classroom kit gives students an opportunity to build their own marble powered computers! Designed to be used in pairs, Turing Tumbles strip back computers to their most basic form and help users to understand exactly what is going on beneath the hood of their devices.  

Turing Tumbles are an incredibly creative, non-screen way to teach students about coding, logic and binary. Better yet, students manage their own progress through following an exciting comic book story that contains all the challenges.  

Suitable for Years 4 - 8.


Micro:bits are pocket sized computers that teach students a vast range of digital skills.
Using challenges from the Micro:bit website, students can program Micro:bits to play games, get active, create animations, and even protect local ecosystems!

MOTAT’s Micro:bit kit also comes with additional specialised equipment such as streetlights, LED lights, and game controllers to allow students to program familiar, real world objects.

Greatly improve your student’s computational thinking skills and collaborative skills with MOTAT’s micro: bit learnable.

Suitable for Years 4 - 8.

Ngā Paruauru Iti – Little Gardeners (ECE)

Tamariki will be able to plant seeds, go on a garden scavenger hunt, explore garden wild life as well as learning about how early Māori grew crops.

Suitable for ECE - Year 2.

Dinosaur Steps

Suitable for Years 0-3, Dinosaur Steps uses a play-based approach to learning with a
hands-on, practical kit. The Dinosaur Steps resource introduces and develops understanding of algorithms. An accompanying fun, educational app takes students to the next stage of Digital Technologies understanding and knowledge with programming & Augmented Reality.

This Learnable covers the following areas of coding:

  • Computational Thinking

  • Algorithms & Programming

  • Debugging

  • Pattern Recognition

  • Abstraction

  • Decomposition

  • Logical Thinking

Resources included:

  • 10 Dinosaur Steps kits

  • 10 iPads with the app already downloaded

Kitchen Chemistry

Using this resource kit, students will experiment with butter making and rocket building. They will be able to see the amazing things you can do with simple baking soda and vinegar.

This learnable introduces the concepts of the states of matter, physical reactions and chemical reactions while having fun at the same time.
Kitchen Chemistry encourages students to be inspired to experiment creatively with chemistry.

Suitable for Years 1 - 8.

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Learnable KitPrice Per Week
Dot and Dash Robotics$200
Turing Tumble$200
Ngā Paruauru Iti – Little Gardeners (ECE)$100
Dino Steps$200

For more info call (09) 815 5808.