Our stories will take you behind the scenes of technology and transport innovation from Aotearoa, New Zealand.
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MOTAT's iconic Lancaster

MOTAT's Avro Lancaster is one of the most popular aircraft in our collection and is the first one visitors see when arriving into the Aviation Hall. Take a deep dive into the history of this magnificent machine to learn why it is so significant to Aotearoa.
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MOTAT's Iconic Lancaster

MOTAT's iconic Lancaster

MOTAT's Avro Lancaster is one of the most popular aircraft in our collection and is the first one visitors see when arriving into the Aviation Hall. Take a deep dive into the history of this magnificent machine to learn why it is so significant to Aotearoa.

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Sir Keith Park beside his Bristol fighter

Keith Park's Flying Coveralls

Since its inception, MOTAT has been proud to hold objects in its collection associated with New Zealand-born Air Commander and hero of the Battle of Britain, Sir Keith Park. Here we tell the story of a pair of flying coveralls that belonged to him and why they are significant.

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website hero SciTech

Meet the Team

Tasked with creating the new science and technology centre, MOTAT has put together a group of experts with skills and knowledge that span science and technology, design, visitor experience, matauranga Māori, education and project management. So, let’s meet the team bringing the centre to life … 

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website hero bus

No 4 Bus closes in on a century

MOTAT’s oldest passenger bus, No. 4 from the North Shore Transport Company, has nearly a century of operating history and has seen many changes in Auckland public transport in its time.

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Mobile phone compilation

Recent acquisitions to MOTAT’s mobile phone collection

MOTAT's Telecommunications collection is a museum highlight and some recent acquisitions mean we can now tell the story of the rapid evolution of the mobile phone – a technology innovation that impacted the lives of almost everyone.

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Museums are more than just visitor numbers, but how can we measure their impact?

In the week of International Museum Day 2023, Sabine Doolin, Visitor Research Advisor at MOTAT, takes a closer look at how museums contribute to this goal and how we can measure this as a value that museums provide to the community.

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J.W.H.Scotland beside his Caudron aeroplane. Whites Aviation Collection, Walsh Memorial Library, MOTAT, 15-1331

The feats of Will Scotland and his Caudron biplane - Blue Bird

Nearly 100 years ago, Will Scotland was venturing into the skies over Aotearoa on his Caudron biplane, the Blue Bird. MOTAT is proud to have a collection of items that recollect these flying feats.

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Pavilion completed building

MOTAT marks a 50-year milestone

This month we celebrate a half-century anniversary when years of planning came to fruition with the opening of the architecturally-designed MOTAT Transport Pavilion. The doors were opened on 31 March 1973, revealing rows of gleaming large-scale collection objects to delight visitors.

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Ford V8 Fire truck hero pic

Our historic Ford V8 fire truck will soon celebrate 50 years at MOTAT

With Live Day: Fire and Emergency occurring this month, we take a closer look at one of our significant firefighting Collection pieces.

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Intergalactic Space Princess

Five Must-play Women-made Games

Women are taking over the games industry! Learn about the five must-see women-made games, and get a chance to play them yourself.

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NZ Women in Games

Celebrating Extraordinary New Zealand Women in Games

We all know the gaming scene in Aotearoa is growing at the speed of light, but do we know the people behind it?

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 Taylorcraft-Auster J/1 Autocrat hero image

The Auster Aiglet - From Nelson to MOTAT

Only 70 Aiglets were built - but how did one end up in Nelson and then make its way to MOTAT?

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CritterPic Collage

AI vs. Predators

Will High Tech Tools Lead to a Predator Free Aotearoa by 2050?

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ST FT1 1920x1080

Video: Farm Tech

Watch this video highlighting innovative farming technology from the past, captured by photojournalist and famed editor of the "New Zealand Farmer" Ron Vine.

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North AKL Railways signs hero

Signs of the Times: North Auckland Railway

Many of the original signs on the North Auckland Railway were unique - but how and why?

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StereoPlotter in use

Plotting Aotearoa New Zealand - How We Made our Maps

Mapping a country does more than help drivers and hikers navigate their way from point A to point B. But how was our whenua mapped so we could easily guide ourselves around the country?

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Solent nose

The Story of our Short Solent ZK-AMO: Aranui

Aranui is the last Mark IV Solent in existence anywhere in the world. But where did Aranui come from?

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Trekka Story Hero Image

The Trekka: A Utility Vehicle for the New Zealand Market

Between 1966 and 1973, 2,500 Trekkas were built. What was the secret to its success?

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MOTAT Origins Story Hero -1

Our Origin Story: From The Old Time Transport Preservation League to MOTAT

Can you imagine Tāmaki Makaurau without the trams rumbling down the tracks of Western Springs Park? Learn how MOTAT began and its colourful history.

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K180 hero

MOTAT’s Well-Travelled Locomotive Oil Headlamp

In celebration of four years since being operational, let’s look at the oil headlamp fitted to our locomotive F180, also known as Meg Merrilies.

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G-AUNZ Aotearoa: The remaining pieces of an aircraft hero

G-AUNZ Aotearoa: The Remaining Pieces of an Aircraft

A single-engine Ryan monoplane registered G-AUNZ and named Aotearoa. What's left of it now?

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Richie Mills Matariki

Matariki with Richie Mills

MOTAT is proud to be partnering with Richie Mills for Matariki Festival 2022. Read and get to know more about Richie and his mahi.

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Aquada Web Hero

The Gibbs Aquada: Kiwi Ingenuity Makes Waves Globally

Able to perform as a car and a boat - it’s an Amphibian! Learn about this significant object donated by Gibbs Amphibians to the MOTAT Collection in 2021.

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A Menu of Heroes

A treasured London dinner menu from 1943 commemorated the famed ‘Dam busters’ raid of WWII, signed by the mission survivors.

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ST Batten Brazil2 1920x1080

Jean Batten’s Journey to Brazil

"How bitter-sweet it all was, I reflected — flying about the world, visiting these great cities, meeting many people, making many friends, then having to fly off again."

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ST Inventions 1920x1080

Top Ten Transport Innovators in Aotearoa

Discover ten amazing (and often very fun) transport inventions and the dreamers who created them.

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whale tales 2022 web hero story

Diving into Whale Tales Art with Amy van der Loo

The artist and the process behind Whale Tail No. 4 that sits on the doorstep of MOTAT 1.

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Colin Murdoch: Aotearoa's Quiet Genius

A life of exploring and innovating on a global scale for decades, while becoming one of Aotearoa New Zealand’s most productive and decorated inventors.

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IWD2022 Hero With Text -2

Celebrating Five Innovative Wāhine in Aotearoa STEAM

Learn about these epic wāhine making moves in the STEAM industry in Aotearoa New Zealand.

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ST 3D glasses colour 1920x1080

Auckland at the Movies: The Magic of Cinemas

Once, people would plan to go out to the cinema. They dressed up for it and looked forward to seeing the latest films projected onto big screens in opulent movie theatres seemingly built for royalty.

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ST Unis 1920x1080

Change, Change, Change: Love / Science Uniforms

The Social Fabric section of Love / Science's exhibition explores how uniforms help people feel they work and belong together. Plus, they're great to look at!

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two way radio header

Analogue vs Digital Two-Way Radios - What's The Difference?

We take a look at the difference between analogue and digital two-way radios ahead of our event LIVE Day: 100 Years Of Radio.

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ST Antarctica 1920x1080

To the South Pole — On a Farm Tractor

How Sir Edmund Percival Hillary and three modified farm tractors triumphed to become the first overland expedition to reach the South Pole since 1912.

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ST STEAMCOLL 1920x1080

Māori and Pasifika Superstars of STEAM

Celebrating some amazing Māori and Pasifika working in STEAM careers in Aotearoa, and some of the tupuna (ancestors) who paved the path forward.

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Polio Vs. Covid

From Polio to Covid: The Tech That's Saving Lives

Aotearoa New Zealand has a long history of epidemics and pandemics — from the polio epidemic in the 1910s to today’s COVID-19 pandemic. History is repeating itself.

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FI Computer Lab

Of Mice and Motherboards

MOTAT's deep collection of historical tech offers a fascinating look at computer history through actual objects that people used every day.

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1912 Douglas Ladies' Motorcycle Restored

Restoring a Rare Vintage Ladies' Motorcycle

"I like the feeling of power, life, the mighty rushing wind beating on one’s cheeks with the roar of the passing breeze, and the beat of the exhaust deafening one’s ear. This is the power that drives, and here is the motorcycle’s charm."

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ST Rail-HostessB 1920x1080

All Aboard: Rail Hostesses of a Bygone Age

In the golden era of New Zealand Rail, hostesses worked long 12-hour shifts and were the human face of the railway.

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website hero Richard Parry

Richard Parry: The Artist Behind Tūhuratia Exploded

Born and raised in a world of electronics and gaming, Richard Parry has developed a unique art style that MOTAT is proud to present in our newest exhibition, Tūhuratia Exploded.

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ST MAR 1920x1080

Meet MOTAT's Mercury Arc Rectifier

A collection of electrical wires, glass bulbs, and giant glass balloons, glowing an intense blue-green colour, like straight out of a time travel movie. What was this thing??

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Love / Science Photog Blog Series

As part of our Love / Science exhibition, read about four very talented photographers who share MOTAT’s passion for new technology while still keeping old tech ticking.

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A Machine With Real Heart

In 1958, a brave little girl was "The first in New Zealand to have hole-in-the-heart surgery with the heart-lung machine - a great step forward for medical science.”

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Te Kahu Ora - Hero

SERIES: Parapara Ingenious

Stories of innovation in Aotearoa. Celebrating kiwi ingenuity and innovation, one object at a time.

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Smiles To Go For Sustainability

A Nelson dentist is doing good by setting standards for sustainable practices in her industry while improving kids' health.

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Silver linings hero image 8

Silver Linings: Where Are They This Lockdown?

We chat Q+A style to Manaaki and Kami about what they are up to this lockdown. Get to know how an essential business operates during an Alert Level Four Lockdown.

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ST Fish 1920x1080

Conservation Technology in Aotearoa New Zealand

From forests replanted with drones, ocean fisheries monitored by satellites, to long-life predator control, New Zealanders are developing solutions to some of the world's most urgent conservation challenges.

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Pear-1 Ventilator header image

Contemporary Collecting: The Pear-1 Ventilator Prototype

Written by Nicola Jennings. The PEAR-1 ventilator prototype, is touchingly humble. Developed by seven Year 12 and 13 students from St John’s College, Hastings, it embodies the drive to help and the need to think innovatively.

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ernest rutherford

Sir Ernest Rutherford – The Father of Nuclear Physics

Written by Todd Dixon. If you’ve ever been lucky enough to see a $100 note, you might recognise Sir Ernest Rutherford. This year, on August 30, it’s his 150th birthday. What better time to look at the achievements of the New Zealand-born father of Nuclear Physics. 

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Jean Batten Before and After

The Process Behind the Jean Batten Portrait Conservation

Written by Kristie Short-Traxler. Read more about how our conservation team and contractors worked their magic on this Jean Batten Portrait.

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website hero gyro

‘A Good Toy’: The Everson Gyrocopter

The gyrocopter built by Ron and Ernest Everson illustrates the ‘do it yourself’, or ‘number 8 wire’ ability that New Zealanders pride themselves on having.

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14 5699 crop

F. Maurice Clarke – New Zealand Commercial Aviation Pioneer

Written by Paul Tibbutt, Walsh Memorial Library Team member

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stargazing header

MOTAT Night Lights Q+A - Stargazing

The ‘Stargazing’ installation is the first collaboration between Plinth Floral design studio and Replum Visualisation studio. MOTAT chatted with the artists to learn what inspired their installation for Night Lights.

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hero and header

A Prosperous Partnership To Promote Queenstown

Written by guest author Katherine Milburn, Liaison Librarian and Curator Ephemera Collection, Hocken Collections, University of Otago. The Publicity Branch of the Railways Department successfully promoted some of New Zealand’s major tourist destinations in the 1930s by working with local organisations to share campaign costs.

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hero and header

First Among Equals: Stanley Davis (1892–1938)

Written by guest author Peter Alsop. Stanley Davis was a key figure in the early development and artistic direction of the Railways Department’s design studio, Railways Studios. His posters, billboards and magazine covers carved out a promising design career, cut short by his premature death.

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Space Technology Agreement Set to Advance Tertiary Education in Aotearoa

By Makayla Wallace-Tidd, Communications Coordinator, Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT). A new memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the Ministry for Business, Innovation, and Employment (MBIE) and Maxar Technologies will assist in boosting innovation in Aotearoa.

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Documenting COVID-19: One Year On

By Abi Beatson - Abi is the COVID-19 Digital Archivist at the Alexander Turnbull Library. Aotearoa New Zealand’s heritage organisations are piecing together, item by item, story by story, our collective experiences of COVID-19 over the last year. We asked if they would share some of the items in their collections.

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Women in STEM hero image

Six Women in STEM to follow on TikTok

By Makayla Wallace-Tidd, Communications Coordinator, Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT). With almost 1 billion views, #womeninSTEM in the place to be right now.

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Saintz Dance Academy 1

Saintz Dance Academy: The Whānau That’s Inspiring the Next Generation of Dancers

By Makayla Wallace-Tidd, Communications Coordinator - Museum of Transport and Technology, (MOTAT). Saintz Dance Academy is a Tāmaki Makaurau, Auckland based organisation that allows our younger community to explore dance and increase their confidence and happiness, all in one safe space.

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header image 1600x600

The Little Known Life of Frank Stewart

By Freya Elmer, Assistant Librarian — Pictorial, Walsh Memorial Library, Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT)

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1 7ReVAuB0AA0MMnOrDrAcTg

The Art of Travel Posters

A constant flood of colour imagery on TV and computer screens, and in magazines, is now part of our daily lives and it is hard to imagine an age when most illustrations were in black and white. Posters have been around since Roman times, but it took two discoveries to make printing colour posters an economic proposition.

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0 Lum0ekiusXcqLI7T

Best Reached by Rail: Special Occasions

The 1920s and 1930s were a pivotal era in the democratisation of family holidaymaking in New Zealand. During these years the state-owned New Zealand Railways (NZR) ­– and its emerging publicity and advertising machine — helped to propel a boom in domestic tourism by using sophisticated, aspirational marketing to appeal to holiday consumers, especially families.

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Telecommunications Live Day

A Better Future at the Push of a Button

Every day at MOTAT, we rely on our 150-person-strong team of volunteers who are essential cogs in the smooth running of the Museum. As well as assisting our MOTAT teams in various roles and departments, many of our wonderful volunteers are busy behind the scenes working on their own personal projects – like Michael Watling.

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website hero-solant 100

Last of the Great Flying Boats: The Short Solent

The Solent flying boat enjoys a special place in New Zealand’s aviation history; and when it is only one of two left in the world it becomes unique . In fact, MOTAT’s ZK-AMO is the only Short Solent Mark IV variant left in existence. The Solent was operated by Tasman Empire Airways Ltd (TEAL) at the beginning of international passenger air travel, and was the last large civilian passenger flying boat used on a regular service.

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New Dexterity Aroa headshot

New Zealand's Science Technology Future

As MOTAT hosts the Science Fiction Science Future exhibition, we look at local research groups and innovative companies who are inventing the future around us.

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Interior of Dental Clinic Shannon School 1949 original

Open Wide: A Short History of the Murder House in New Zealand

"The Murder House" is well known to generations of kiwi kids. Often a lone wooden building within the school grounds, filled with sharp metal objects, a strange medical smell, and a woman in a white uniform who could transform cotton swabs into bees; the school dental clinic or "Murder House" wove itself into the cultural fabric of New Zealand society.

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Differential Analyzer and Bear

A Meccano computer: MOTAT’s differential analyser

A mechanical analogue computer built from Meccano in the 1930s to solve complicated differential equations? Yes, MOTAT has one of those.

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Rotorua Baths Rail Posters - Large

Taking the Waters: Strange Treatments at a Government-Run Spa

The incredible geological activity in and around Rotorua have made it a literal tourist hotspot. The Rotorua Baths was a famous government-run health resort in the early 20th century. Best Reached By Rail exhibition curator Todd Dixon explores cutting-edge treatments that were on offer such as high frequency valves and electric baths.

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A Polarising Sauce Hero Image

A Polarising Sauce: The Essence of Anchovies

In 2017, MOTAT received the donation of an unopened bottle of sauce carrying the title “Essence of Anchovies”. At first it may seem an unusual object for a Museum of Transport and Technology to hold within their collection so let’s take a closer look at the unique history of this object. By Christen McAlpine.

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preserves model website hero image

Preserving Time

During the unprecedented times of the COVID-19 pandemic, a trend that re-emerged was the appreciation of a more slow-paced life...By Hayley McCormack.

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MOTAT's Queen of the Rails hero image

MOTAT’s Queen of the Rails

How one of Auckland’s Last Trams contributed to the development of the Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT). By James Duncan

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Redressing the balance hero image

Redressing the Balance – A brief history of Letter Balances and the Penny Post

During my recent research of MOTAT’s Weights and Measures Collection, the letter balances, or postal scales, stood out – when did they first become popular and how are they relevant to New Zealand’s history? By Robyn Entwistle.

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Time Flies When Having Fun

During an exploration of timepieces within MOTAT’s Collection, we rediscovered several unique and kooky clocks. Here’s what we found…by Emily Hames.

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Christening the Collection hero image 2

Christening the Collection

In 2020 MOTAT’s vast array of christening gowns were re-examined, hoping to shed some more light on the Collection. By Emily Hames.

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Ford V8

Some Assembly Required: A Brief History of Early Ford Assembly in New Zealand

In the 1930s, New Zealand had a thriving car assembly industry. In 1939, NZ was second only to the USA for car ownership and the Ford Motor Company's New Zealand assembly lines were running hot. By Robyn Entwistle.

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Kauri Logs

Oh Dam! Dam Technology in New Zealand: Part 1

Early dam building technology and innovation in New Zealand from forestry to water providers. By Freya Elmer.

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Timepiece Movement

Time According to New Zealand

Highlights of some of the unique and interesting timepieces from New Zealand’s history that can be found within the MOTAT Collection.

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Virus Image

Going Viral: Polio and the Iron Lung

New Zealand has a long history of epidemics and pandemics — from the influenza epidemic reported by Māori in Foveaux Strait in 1817–20, to today’s COVID-19 pandemic.

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K 900 locomotive wheels

The Arrival of a MOTAT Icon

Many people are familiar with K 900 locomotive, which was on display at MOTAT’s Great North Road site for many years, but how many know the story of its journey to MOTAT?

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Queen St Photo Collage

Christmas On Queen Street

Auckland's Queen Street has been the centre of the city's Christmas celebrations for decades. So, hop on a brightly decorated tram or trolley and join us on a ride down memory lane!

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universal language header

MOTAT Night Lights Q+A - Universal Language

MOTAT chatted with the trio behind Night Lights installation, Universal Language, about all things art and creativity.

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Example of a letter addressed to Batten from Jamaica. [Series of philatelic material], 16/059/001. Walsh Memorial Library, The Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT).

Jean Batten's Stamp Collection

In 1990 the National Library of New Zealand’s Sub-Committee on strengthening Resources supported MOTAT’s Walsh Memorial Library in purchasing a lot of Jean Batten memorabilia from the Hendon Aircraft Sale at Sotheby’s. This included aero club badges, stamps, first day covers and other ephemera addressed to Batten.

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