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Let MOTAT bring the learning to you! Our STEAM cells are packed full of STEAM equipment, teaching resources, and collection items for a unique STEAM experience at your own school.
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A STEAM Cell is a trailer containing specialised equipment, teaching resources and collection items. A MOTAT Educator brings the STEAM Cell to your school and takes your students through a learning experience designed in collaboration with you.


  • Easy to Use: no buses and parent supervisors to organise

  • Cost Saving: no buses means a fraction of the cost of a traditional school outing

  • Time saving: we arrive at your site early in the day and stay until the school day finishes, no wasted travelling time

  • Flexible: we customise the learning experience to meet your students’ educational needs

STEAM Cell Programmes

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For a STEAM Cell visit within the greater Auckland area (zone 1):

  • $10.00 per child, teachers and teacher aides free of charge

  • $200 per return trip to the school. Multiple consecutive booked days incur only one charge

For a STEAM Cell visit throughout the North Island (zones 2 and 3):

  • $10.00 per child, teachers and teacher aides free of charge

  • $350 or $1 per km (whichever is highest) per return trip to the school

  • Educator cost – accommodation

STEAM Cell Zones

Please contact bookings@motat.org.nz or call (09) 815 5808 for a quote.