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MOTAT Taiwhanga Rererangi - Aviation Hall

Visit the Taiwhanga Rererangi - Aviation Hall at Motions Road and discover the exciting stories of aviation in Aotearoa.
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The MOTAT Taiwhanga Rererangi - Aviation Hall is a multi-award-winning space which hosts a large collection of recreational, military, topdressing, and commercial aircraft.

The collection celebrates the evolution of New Zealand aviation since February 1911 when Vivian Walsh achieved sustained and controlled flight in a British Howard Wright biplane.

Digital storytelling of historical aviation footage and interviews

The MOTAT Aviation Hall hosts a unique digital storytelling experience that showcases historical aviation footage and interviews. This interactive exhibit captures the evolution of New Zealand aviation since February 1911, immersing visitors in the rich history of flight. From the first sustained and controlled flight achieved by Vivian Walsh in a British Howard Wright biplane, to the development of recreational, military, topdressing, and commercial aircraft, visitors can explore New Zealand's aviation journey through engaging digital narratives.

360 degree photography of collection cockpits

The Aviation Hall offers an innovative exhibit featuring 360-degree photography of collection cockpits. This immersive visual experience provides visitors with a detailed view of the interior of various aircraft. By leveraging high-quality panoramic photography, guests can explore the cockpits of a wide range of aircraft from the extensive collection at the Aviation Hall, gaining insights into the intricacies and technology of aviation design and control systems.

Amazing New Zealand Police helicopter interactive - great for kids!

Perfect for children, the Aviation Hall offers an interactive exhibit focused on the New Zealand Police helicopter. This hands-on experience not only educates but also entertains, providing a closer look at the operational aspects of police aviation. It's a fun and engaging way for kids to learn about the important role helicopters play in law enforcement and public safety, and experience the thrill of aviation in a safe and controlled environment.

Other highlights include the Solent and Sunderland Flying Boats and the Lancaster bomber.

With a 155 space carpark right outside the door, and heritage trams to take you around Western Springs, it's never been easier, or more exciting, to visit MOTAT.

The Short Solent MK4.

The Short Solent MK4.

Find out more about objects in the MOTAT collection:

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Wheelchair accessible

Location: Building 1 at MOTAT Aviation Hall.

Entrance: Motion sensor automatic doors and a wide entrance.

Stairs: There are stairs up to the mezzanine. This level is accessible to wheelchairs and pushchairs by means of an elevator.

Noise: There are videos and interactives throughout the exhibition.

Parking is available outside the building near the entrance at MOTAT Aviation Hall.


We recommend parking outside the Taiwhanga Rererangi - Aviation Hall and enjoying the free heritage tram ride between sites.