Feel the power of steam in MOTAT’s original 1870s Pumphouse. With steam engines operating every day, you’ll see, hear and smell the amazing story of steam in our industrial past.
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The Pumphouse is open Wednesday - Sunday and during special events.

In 1877 MOTAT's awe-inspiring beam engine was one of the most advanced of its kind anywhere in the world, supplying clean water from Western Springs to the residents of Auckland. Stunningly restored a few years ago, you’ll see it in action on special occasions. The other half of this heritage building is the boiler room where you’ll see the boiler fired up and powering engines once used in sawmills, on ferries and for farming.

Powering the Pumphouse, the Daniel Adamson boiler.

Powering the Pumphouse, the Daniel Adamson boiler.


Look out for upcoming Live Days to see what’s going on in the Pumphouse.

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MOTAT is famous for our operational collection items, our Daniel Adamson & Co. Boiler powered Pumphouse, our fleet of vintage Trams and our historic village are just a few of the experiences we love to share with visitors.

To keep these heritage items operating and in their best condition we must undertake general maintenance on occasion. Whenever possible we will have this work done outside normal opening hours and will always strive to minimise any disruption to your experience when you visit us.

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Partially wheelchair accessible

Location: Building 3 at MOTAT Great North Road.

Entrance: The Boiler Room is wheelchair accessible, but the Beam Engine is not.

Stairs: There are stairs between the Boiler Room and up to The Beam Engine.

Noise: When operating the boiler and The Beam Engine can be noisy, hot, and steamy.

Mobility parking is available on site at MOTAT Great North Road. Please arrange in advance.


We recommend parking on Stadium Road and Great North Road.