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Explodome School Workshops

The Explodome is a tinkering space allowing students to explore the concepts of making and unmaking and is closely aligned with our new exhibition, Tūhuratia Exploded.

Education programmes in the Explodome will be hands-on and collaborative making challenges. Choose between a reverse engineering transport challenge or an upcycled art collaboration, both of which can be tailored to fit with your school’s learning inquiry.


This workshop challenges students to create a moving transport prototype out of upcycled materials. Students consider the physical and aesthetic elements of their design, making observations and improvements as they tinker. This hands-on session will enhance your students’ fine-motor and construction skills, and their ability to collaborate with others in the iterative design-thinking process. The challenge will boost their confidence in physics and engineering by offering a real-life example of phenomena such as weight, drag, friction, speed and thrust.


Students will collaborate on creating circular mandala artworks made from recycled hardware. They will have the freedom to create in an open-ended, imaginative session, will develop a practical knowledge of mandala techniques, and explore the intersection between art and technology.

For older students there is an option to incorporate Makey Makey electronics into the finished art pieces.

Contact us to discuss how we can tailor this experience to suit your requirements.

 bookings@motat.org.nz or call (09) 815 5808

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