MOTAT is a charity organisation. There are many ways you or your business can support MOTAT to help us to share our collections and inspire the innovators of tomorrow.
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Thank you for choosing to support MOTAT.

The support and generosity of individual donors, families, businesses, and corporate organisations continue to positively impact the activities of MOTAT. In a rapidly changing world, further support helps the Museum innovate and evolve, providing future generations with the knowledge and context they need to succeed.

MOTAT is partly funded by Auckland Council – this means we rely on community support to keep doing what we do.

Your gift to MOTAT will inspire the curious minds and thought leaders of tomorrow by helping our innovative education programs and events, and world-renowned exhibitions reach even more audiences.



We've made it easy for you to donate to MOTAT and help us do more. Make your donation using our secure online payment facility:


If you prefer not to donate online using your debit or
credit card there are several other ways to donate money to MOTAT.


You can transfer your donation to MOTAT via our bank account.

Bank: Westpac

Branch: Britomart

Account: 03-1509-0256329-000

Reference: (Please use your
surname/last name or Company Name)

Code: (reason for donation)

Please ensure you also email us at to provide us with your contact details to ensure we can send you your receipt to you.


To donate by credit card over the phone, or for any enquiries about donating, please call (09) 815 5800 between 10am and 4pm. We can process one-off donations.


MOTAT is a not-for-profit registered charitable trust and donor organisation. Charity number CC30945.

Donations over $5 are tax deductible for New Zealand tax residents and a charitable donation receipt will be sent to you upon receipt of your donation.

Your regular gift will help us plan for the development and preservation of collections, the delivery of new exhibitions and exciting educational programmes that inspire the innovators of the future while ensuring the sustainability of the museum as an iconic heritage institution in New Zealand.

For further details please phone Kathryn Michie on 09 845 3709 or email


MOTAT is supported by the Auckland Council. Why does it need my help?

Because many of the projects MOTAT wishes to undertake require additional funding to that provided by the Auckland Council grant. 

What are the tax benefits of making a gift?

Gifts of money by New Zealand resident taxpayers to a registered charity may qualify for a 33.1/3% rebate on any gift (up to a limit of total net income for all gifts in a given tax year). For example, if a donor makes a gift of $900 it costs the donor only $600, once the $300 rebate is taken into consideration. Receipts that may be used for tax purposes will be issued for all donations. 

Is MOTAT a registered charity?

Yes MOTAT is a registered charity. Its registration number is CC30945. 

How do I specify where I want my gift to go?

A donor may specify the gift designation by writing a ticking the appropriate box on the online DONATE form or by writing a letter stating the intent of the gift. If the purpose specified is in the view of MOTAT not practicable MOTAT will contact the donor to discuss options. 

May I spread payment of the gift over a number of years?

Yes, payments may be spread over a number of years. It is best to contact MOTAT to discuss the various options.